Saturday, September 3, 2011

On the road

Traveling through many different countries in Europe has really opened my eyes to life. I came on this adventure as a self discovery. I had mentioned before how my life was changed and my walls of what I thought should be came crashing down as I became more open to lifes possibilities. Well, I am no closer to finding myself than I was a month ago. Honestly, I'm not so sure I will find myself. I think this journey in life is about growing into yourself I think I have myself its just embracing myself and all the wonderfullness I have to offer. People are always growing and changing with every new experience and with each new person they encounter, I feel like this is my story. I hate to be cliche but, its almost like I am on my own eat pray love adventure. I get to explore and examine what I believe in. I get to indulge in amazing food all over Europe and yes I even had the opportunity to love. To explore further, each one of these can be just a broad topic in my journey. To pray means not only to explore belief but to also hold strong in times of weakness and to trudge forward without looking back. No regrets! Shoulda woulda coulda but I can't go back in time. To think about it, why would I want to go back and change anything that one made me smile laugh or melted my heart. I have had some amazing times. And no, I did not do most things gracefully or "the right way" whatever the right way is but, I had fun and created many stories to tell and gained many lessons. To eat means to be confident in myself enough to just eat what I want and as much as I want. To truly experience the food in each new culture I come into. To love goes far beyond a romance. It means to also love myself as the imperfect, quarkey, beautiful person I am. It means to love my fellow traveler for just who they are. It also means to love the earth with all of its unique beauty; It means to treasure each of my experiences, taking each one as a blessing in my life. It has truly been amazing being able to travel through the rolling hills of each country, experiencing camping by the water, and browsing through the local markets. One of my favorite places was Turkey. Experiencing a Turkish bath is something everyone should do when in Turkey, it is like a spa and a locker room all at the same time. At the end you get a massage and a mud mask but when you first walk in your in a room naked with a bunch of other women where you get washed by Turkish ladies. I also loved learning about another part of the worlds history just as I did in Croatia. Lastly, I have to say Croatia is the most beautiful place I have been so far. The crystal clear water surrounded by rolling hills, that are what I would describe as a crisp green. If I were to sum it up in one word it would be majestic! One final note: today was my last day in Croatia and I had the opportunity to go for a run during the sunset, which by far was one of the most amazing runs I have ever done. the sun was going down to my left filling the sky with the perfect mixture of pink and orange while also creating a diamond like glisten off the water. To my right were hills, they reminded me of the canyon at home. All together, this was the perfect end to a spectacular stay in Croatia.

with much gratitude and love till next time,



  1. What a wonderful adventure. It's exciting to read about how you are discovering the world and yourself.

  2. How exciting! Croatia sounds beautiful! I'm so glad you're having such a great time, Steffie!!