Friday, January 13, 2012

Will there ever be enough rice?

I was out the other night handing out food on the streets and as I am passing food out to the first people that come to along this one strip, I realize I did not have enough for everyone. This was one of the saddest moments I have come across here, in India. I never thought as I set out to do this project that I would encounter such a situation. I should have known I suppose, by the many nights in the auto driving past entire communities living on the streets, lined up neatly in a row along the sidewalk in any given area of town. It was this night that I questioned if there would ever be enough rice to go around. I am only one person, can I even make a difference? I do not have the capacity to possibly feed everyone that is in need. I want to challenge everyone to do a little in their own communities, grab some rice and help feed the hungry in your town, on your streets. I may not be able to take on the world myself, but I help a few people get a meal for one night. I want to challenge everyone to do the same and maybe if we all do just a little, there will be enough rice for everyone.